boomerang employees

Mr. Pieter Hilgeman
In the past, rehiring former employees was considered an unwise solution. Today, however, the attitude towards this method of acquisition has shifted. With a lack of talent, especially in very specific sectors like ours, ‘’boomerang employees’’ present an excellent opportunity. A proof of this is our new Technical Director Mr. Pieter Hilgeman.
Initially Pieter was one of our main Project Managers. After more than 16 years of employment at Kuipers he decided to shift to a much larger organization, somewhere where he could fully utilize his knowledge and skills.
The company’s new organizational structure combined with an increased demand, called for a leader capable to make the right changes. Pieter was the perfect candidate. Not only does he have the invaluable experience within the sector, he also knows the company’s internal systems and processes Reaching out to him became optimal solution. We are glad to have Pieter back aboard!