Nut processing technology

Helping you deliver delicious and nutritious  snacks such as flavoured peanuts, cashews, almonds as well as coated and battered nuts.

Peanuts and other types of nuts require extra care when fried. Unlike other snacks, these intake less oil and require better cleaning. The direct result is a longer frying oil turnover time and a higher chance of oil degradation. An advanced system is required to ensure the overall quality of oil remains optimal and you as a snack producer deliver a safe and tasty product.

Together with our clients and the continuous effort of the Kuipers team the peanut processing plant has been perfected and is in continuous development. Today we present snack manufacturers worldwide with the most advanced frying system for nut processing. An innovative fryer design combined with an efficient filtration system and a fully controlled process ensures the frying oil quality is maintained and the taste of the product is not compromised.

A turnkey delivered project, fully pre-tested and pre-wired in our workshop before delivery. The plant is mounted in our unique mainframe where all the electric cabling and pneumatic air supply pipes can be carefully stored for a clean and safe design. This concept further allows our customers to rapidly and efficiently start up their line on site.






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