Starting in 2024, we welcomed a great addition to our family – Lalesse extrusion. This addition enables us to broaden our product and technical knowledge and present our customers with a one-stop supplier not only for fried snacks but also for extruded products. Lalesse’s integration will be carefully managed throughout this year ensuring a smooth transition and proper knowledge transfer. This union brings potential benefits to both companies as well as our and Lalesse’s existing clients within the snack industry. 

Lalesse Extrusion

Lalesse Extrusion’s origins began in the 19050’s when its founder decided to open a metal shop. The company was initially building screws and sleeves which later developed into an entire extruding system.  From then, the company grew rapidly and has now equipment operating worldwide. Lalesse’s main focus is similar to Kuipers; we are both engineering solutions crafted specifically for the customer’s product. Besides the quality of the equipment, a huge emphasis is placed on the process of achieving a snack outcome.  We work and learn together with our clients how to present the market with delicious, original and safe snacks. 

Lalesse as part of Kuipers can offer turnkey extrusion plants starting with mixing, extruding, drying and flavouring. The main applications for such technology are products such as light puffed snacks of various shapes, shaped cereal and expanded semi-products such as loose fills. 

Find out more information regarding our extruding technology on or contact our sales team directly. 

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