Pellet snacks processing

Delivering snack producers the opportunity to make delicious puffed snacks, shrimp crackers, pork rinds and more.

Pellet snacks, unlike other fried snacks, can vary significantly in shape, size, composition and other parameters. This is why it is important to carefully select the optimal equipment to manufacture this product. At Kuipers, we offer our clients a custom machine according to their product parameters.

Our team carefully analyses the necessities of the snack producer to understand what is the desired output. The line is a turnkey solution from pellet infeed until flavouring, including some of the most advanced frying, defatting, cooling and seasoning equipment. A unique dirt removal system combined with gentle heat transfer and full control over the process allows our customers to produce efficiently while maintaining the quality of oil and achieving in most cases a frying oil turnover time of three hours or less. 

A turnkey delivered project, fully pre-tested and pre-wired in our workshop before delivery. The plant is mounted in our unique mainframe where all the electric cabling and pneumatic air supply pipes can be carefully stored for a clean and safe design. This concept further allows our customers to rapidly and efficiently start up their line on site. 

50 kg/h

150 kg/h

250 kg/h

500+ kg/h


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