Potato chips plants

Turnkey delivered processing plants to help you produce crispy potato chips and sticks as well as hard bite style crisps. 

Potato chips are without doubt one of the most popular snacks worldwide. At Kuipers, we offer snack manufacturers the opportunity to meet the global demand for this product with efficient equipment and processes. Our potato chips processing plant is a turnkey solution including all the necessary components to clean, peel, slice, blanch, de-water, fry and flavour the potato. 

Kuipers incorporates the latest technology to allow our customers to produce efficiently while not compromising the quality of their end product. Our lines are known for extremely low water usage, with an integrated water treatment system allowing for up to 60% less water necessity compared to other suppliers. The Kuipers chips frying system includes multiple oil injection points ensuring full control of the temperature over the entire width and length of the fryer. Efficient pre-processing before the frying steps further helps to maintain frying oil quality high and acrylamide levels low. This system can also be used to produce potato sticks and hard bite style chips. 

A turnkey delivered project, fully pre-tested and pre-wired in our workshop before delivery. The plant is mounted in our unique mainframe where all the electric cabling and pneumatic air supply pipes can be carefully stored for a clean and safe design. This concept further allows our customers to rapidly and efficiently start up their line on site. 






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