Do you process or produce chips, French fries, savouries, nuts or seeds? Kuipers Food Processing Machinery has the right system for you. Our range runs from small machinery to complete processing systems. Our machines and processes can be manufactured to order, based on your specific needs. Industrial frying systems for any type of snacks.

Innovation, sustainability and (energy) efficiency
Innovation, sustainability and (energy) efficiency are the cornerstones of our development process. This is how we guarantee the best possible quality of our machinery and process lines.

Sinking Products

-all nuts
-battered nuts
-mashed potato products
-French fries

Floating Products

-potato chips/crisps
-potato sticks
-deep-fry chips
-kettle chips
-batch type chips
-coated nuts

Flash dried products

-indirect expanded snack pellets
-indirect extruded snack pellets
-extended pig rinds
-shrimp crackers

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