Kuipers FPM and Lalesse Extrusion to join forces

Kuipers Food Processing Machinery and Lalesse Extrusion to join forces

As of January 1st, 2024, the assets and business activities of Lalesse Extrusion are integrated into Kuipers Food Processing Machinery. The goals of this integration are to present our customers with a broader range of processing solutions for the snacks industry and to extend our technical expertise.

Lalesse Extrusion

Lalesse is a manufacturer of complete extrusion lines for the direct expansion process of puffed snacks. Lalesse extrusion lines are delivered worldwide, in various capacities, from 150 up to 1000 kilograms per hour of final coated product.

Lalesse is now based in Huissen, The Netherlands but will gradually, over this year, move to Woerden, at Kuipers location.

For more information on this integration, feel free to contract Mr. Geurt Stuurman at geurtstuurman@kuipers.nu. 

Complete extrusion line by Lalesse