A Dynamic Decade

From small capacity lines for local businesses to the largest machines Kuipers has ever crafted, this year has been indeed very dynamic. Our engineering excellence combined with great planning and a customized approach concludes the decade with efficient results and interesting new prospects for 2020.
During the past year our projects included large nut, chips, onion, mini croutons, pellet and other processing lines mostly in Europe, Asia and Africa. Furthermore, this list continues with standalone units like flavoring and coating machines.
Kuipers’ global presence is stronger than ever. Besides entering one of the biggest markets and delivering new lines worldwide, our team has been actively engaged with our customers for servicing, spare part supply and assessment of the current lines. We believe continuous evaluation is key. With recent reinforced service capabilities, we want to ensure our customers’ lines are always up to date. In addition, due to the rise in the global food demand, many factories require an increase in the capacity of the existing lines. This is already a possibility we can supply you, however, it is also a process we are continuously optimizing. In the new year, Kuipers plans to stress more on this area so that our customers can enjoy efficient flexibility for capacity alterations.
The previous year gave us the opportunity to begin reinforcing our communication channels. The active connection with the customers will help us gather essential feedback which we believe will add great value towards improving our technology as well as maintaining a long term relationship with our stakeholders.
In the nearest future, our goals are to further focus on modernizing our internal and external operations as well as initializing more R&D projects.
Under a new management and with additional possibilities present, the company believes it will achieve the necessary efficiency and deliver the best results catering for each customer’s current and future needs.