Kuipers specilists

Deliberate food specialist

Since 1985, our company has been specifically focusing on food processing technology, in particular industrial frying systems. Specialization gives us the experience and in-depth knowledge to deliver the optimal solution for your production needs.

custom design by kuipers

Custom design

To achieve the optimal result, we ensure our technology and processes are carefully crafted according to your product specifications. A custom line to help you deliver the tastiest snack on the market.

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Sustainable & Innovative

At Kuipers, our team is driven to create sustainable solutions and relationships. We work on continuously developing our technology to ensure maximum efficiency within your factory.

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Dutch origins, worldwide

Our systems are developed, designed and manufactured in the Netherlands to be delivered to our worldwide client base which is now present in over 60 countries.

Hiring – Service Engineers

As a Service Engineer, you will be providing technical and process know-how regarding our technology and production lines to our clients as well as supporting them with any technical issues.…

25th anniversary at Kuipers

At Kuipers, we pride ourselves on having a high employee retention rate. Our current team members have been working with us on average for 7 and a half years. In…

Remote commissioning

Kuipers remote commissioning for a nuts plant in Asia The food and beverage industries have witnessed transformative developments in technology which as a result increased efficiency throughout the value chain.…