Snacks and Savories

Delicious snacks to cater for the global demand

Turnkey delivery for pellets, extruded products and other snacks

A higher disposable income in developing countries, the rise in population figures worldwide and the decreased time spent on cooking, facilitate growth within the snack industry.  As machinery producers we try to cater for the rise in this demand by responding with flexible, innovative technology customized for each customer.

Our technology and production plants are designed to produce quality products efficiently. Our approach is very simple and effective. Gentle heat transfer to heat up the frying oil in combination with a very small fluctuation in temperature of the frying oil. Low oil content in our unique  fryer pans to achieve oil turn over times less than 3 hours. Additionally our systems prevents dust and small particles from entering the the fryer. These small particles and dust burn easily in the oil and eventually degrade the oil quality faster.

Furthermore, we have the optimal product transportation through the fryer as every single piece of product has exactly the same retention time and no possibility to escape from the flow to stay behind and burn. This also gives a perfect constant end product quality

With Kuipers technology you can achieve a 24/7 production without expensive filter systems or adding chemicals. Additionally there is no need to clean the fryer pan bottom from settled dirt every shift or production day. Adding chemicals in the frying oil is more and more common to keep all the acid values as low as possible. This has his impact on the quality of the oil, end product and health of the consumer. At Kuipers we guarantee a safe production for the best  possible end product. Our experts will always be happy to inform our customers on how the process works to ensure the desired output.