Service Engineer


As a Service Engineer, you will be providing technical and process know-how regarding our technology and production lines to our clients as well as supporting them with any technical issues. You will also assist with repairs or malfunctions and advise on the necessary upgrades to maintain quality.

Core tasks

Forming part of the service department means helping our customers, both internally and on location. In terms of content, this includes the activities and responsibilities:

  • Advising on production lines and layout
  • Providing supervision in setting up machines and production lines
  • Testing and commissioning and instructions to operators
  • Troubleshooting and output repairs
  • Remote assistance
  • Consultation and coordination with colleagues regarding the daily division of work and implementation
  • Participation in a multidisciplinary project team
  • Consultation and advice on technical and process technical implementation of machines and processes
  • Reporting on experiences and any adjustments during implementation and advice
  • Testing ready machines in the workshop
  • Provide machine history in service files and so-called adjustment lists
  • Assist in determining spare parts with costs and reporting to the “Service Department”, with quotations and specifications
  • Assist in providing “Manual Texts” on delivered equipment


To be able to perform your position as a Service Engineer as well as possible, it is important to meet the following job requirements:

  • You have a good understanding of technical aspects and are interested in it
  • A HBO/WO+ in an engineering/technical field
  • You have 3 years of experience as a Service Engineer or other related area
  • You speak English, other languages are a plus
  • Availability to travel regularly, up to 50%

In addition to a healthy dose of motivation and the will to learn, working at an engineering firm must suit you. If you like variety in projects and would like to work for an organization that pays a lot of attention to its employees, then Kuipers is for you! The lines of communication are short and you can even walk into the director’s office!

If you wish to apply or receive more information, email us at

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!