Potato Products

fresh From the farm to tasty crispiness

Complete Processing Lines for chips and potato sticks

Kuipers offers turnkey potato processing products to ensure optimal production throughout the line. Our solutions include all the necessary units from raw potato input to packaging. We have perfected the process of converting potatoes into deep-fried delicious snacks down to the very last detail. Gentle heat transfer to heat up the frying oil in combination with a small fluctuation in temperature ensures an evenly fried end product. In addition,  our fryers require very low oil content and guarantee the lowest frying oil turnover time, less than three hours for many products. Kuipers system prevents dust and small particles from mixing with the the product into the fryer. These small particles and dust burn very easy in the oil and will degrade the oil quality very fast.

We have perfect product transportation through the fryer, every single piece of product has exactly the same retention time and no possibility to escape from the flow to stay behind and burn.

Kuipers uses a blancher to reduce the sugar content from the potato slices to prevent quick dark coloring of the slices. Some manufacturers are using a conditioner with chemicals to prevent dark coloring of the slices. We believe a natural product is the desired product by the consumer, therefore avoid any chemicals in our process.
Additionally, our lines are equipped with water treatment systems. Through these smart systems the water consumption for washing potatoes has been reduced by 300 per cent. As a result, our clients benefit from lower costs and less wastewater, which complies with local and environmental regulations.