Quality systems to ensure continuity of your production


Production lines for various types of nuts

When it comes to the nut frying process, preserving oil quality is the most important factor that will affect efficiency and the quality of your end product. With products such as peanuts oil absorption is generally two to three percent. This is quite low compared to products such as chips. When the product itself intakes low levels of frying oil, preserving oil quality becomes harder.

Oil does not only act as the heat transfer medium but is also absorbed by the product. A good fryer design and process will ensure oil replenishment is facilitated as often as possible to achieve a low frying oil turnover time and efficiency in production. At Kuipers, we guarantee the lowest frying oil turnover time in the industry. This is achieved by an optimal design of our unique peanut fryers combined with an efficient overall process. In addition, our lines include an advanced filtration to ensure extra screening of dirt and small particles. As a result, the production can run for weeks continuously without the oil changes, therefore saving time, frying oil and labour costs. The quality of the oil will also affect the levels of FFA and TPM, these being a strict government requirement in many cases.

Kuipers’s complete installations are made of stainless steel and controlled from a PLC system in the centralized control board of the plant. All the lines are equipped with a CIP system to ensure safe and efficient production.