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Nuts and Seeds

Production lines for nuts and seeds

When it comes to the nut frying process, optimal heat distribution and oil quality are the most important factors. A fryer must deliver the exact heat load needed to fry a product. Meanwhile, taking into consideration many factors such as heat losses from transportation, product size and tendency to float, as well as temperature recovery time. Kuipers fryers are designed with an innovative frying oil heating system that uses circulating thermal oil as a heat carrier. Due to this development, the frying oil content requirement is at its lowest while the heat transfer remains optimal. Alternatively electrical elements may be used.

The quality of the oil and the levels of FFA and TPM are also essential. Oil does not only act as the heat transfer medium but is also absorbed by the product. In the case of peanuts, this figure is generally two to three percent. Kuipers’s new dirt removal system guarantees high-quality oil for longer than any of its competitors. The company designed a unique filtration system and settled dirt transport that enables a continuous flow of clean oil (less than 2% FFA). As a result, the production can run for weeks continuously without the oil changes, therefore saving time, frying oil and labour costs.

Kuipers’s complete installations are made of stainless steel and controlled from a PLC system in the centralized control board of the plant. All the lines are equipped with a CIP system to ensure safe and efficient production.

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