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Heating systems and Frying

When it comes to the frying process, optimal heat distribution and oil quality are the most important factors. A fryer must deliver the exact heat load needed to fry a product. Meanwhile, taking into consideration many factors such as heat losses from transportation, product size and tendency to float, as well as temperature recovery time.

Kuipers fryers are designed with an innovative frying oil heating system that uses circulating thermal oil as a heat carrier. Due to this development, the frying oil content requirement is at its lowest while the heat transfer remains optimal.

In continuous industrial fryers, heating by means of a thermal oil systems consists of a thermal fluid boiler and a heat exchanger.

Thermal oil heating is applied to obtain an accurate, modulating temperature control while heating the frying oil. This is considered a better alternative to direct-fired systems as it avoids direct contact of extremely high temperatures to the frying oil.

The thermal fluid boilers are also the more energy efficient and economical. This is especially important when frying products which require a high thermal power such as chips. The heat exchanger also makes cleaning easier as the entire heating process happens outside the frying unit.

If required, Kuipers can alternatively provide frying oil heating through internal electrical heating elements immersed in the oil. These heating elements consist of extremely restricted heat transfer factors to minimize the heat-attack on the frying oil. Heating systems through electrical elements may be a better, more cost-effective option in some countries. In other occasions the customer has no access to thermal oil, hence electrical elements are preferred.

Sustainable production

Worldwide there is a growing pressure from local governments to reduce water consumption and reduce from factories into the official sewage systems. Our potato chips processing plant and its processing units are designed and built for lowest possible water consumption.

In most countries today, factories have to pay both for the supply of fresh water, as well as the drainage of waste water. The cost price depends greatly on the type and quantity of the waste in the water. It is quite obvious that in such cases the maximum reduction of water consumption and drainage is a very important cost factor. Kuipers has developed one combined overall process water system for the complete plant. In our plants fresh water only is supplied for a last cleaning action to the slices just before they enter the fryer. The same water then is cleaned and re-used backwards in the previous processing sections in different steps, each section having its own cleaning system.

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