Highest quality potato processing

Potatoes are considered to be one of the most important food crops in the world with an average per capita consumption of 33.5 kg according to Faostat (2017). Just like any other nature-made food, each potato differs from another in its characteristics. Although most of it is composed of water, there are other important qualities which must be considered, especially when it comes to processing.

One of these considerations is sugar. Sugar contents vary depending on the type of potato, maturity as well as the state it is in. Potatoes also contain high biological quality protein which supplies many amino acids that our bodies cannot produce.

At Kuipers, we advise our clients to ensure the right potato is chosen to achieve the optimal quality in processing. This is due to the Maillard reaction as well as caramelization, both responsible for the colour, aroma and taste of your end product. Caramelization is the reaction between sugars and Maillard reaction between sugars and amino acids. The results of Maillard reaction depend on factors such as cooking time and temperature, something Kuipers can assure is carried out optimally, as well as the kinds of sugars and amino acids present within the raw product. In the snack and baking industries, potatoes with lower levels of reducing sugars are preferred.

Our technology is designed according to the product’s characteristics and completely customized based on the customers’ specifications. When it comes to potatoes, Kuipers has helped snack manufacturers worldwide process goods such as chips, kettle chips, French fries, mashed potato snacks and more. Each time, our team ensures the fryer is specially designed taking in consideration each parameter while not forgetting essential elements such as achieving the lowest oil turnover time, a sustainable production and long-term relationships. At Kuipers, we offer a tailored approach through experience and technological know-how, this is why we achieve the tastiest end product on the market.

Contact our team today to learn more about potato processing and how our machinery can help you deliver the best end product to the consumer.