Ready to operate execution

Ready to operate execution

Main Support Frame

In KFPM designs, the processing units are installed in ONE long support frame with two side bars. The electric control cabinets for all sections will be installed inside these side bars, either at the left or the right hand side of the plant, depending on the factory layout.
This design principle enables us to use the special shape of the side bars as cable trays and mounting brackets for electric wiring, pneumatic air supply pipes for i.e. water. All internal electric wiring between the control panels and users in the plant will be installed inside these side bars, which after installation and testing will be closed with stainless steel covers. All cabling is safely and hygienically hidden. Technicians, however, can easily reach all systems by removing the bolted covers. Kuipers pre-installs all internal electric wiring of the plant and tests all electric connections in the workshop, before shipment.
All required internal pipework for water, frying oil (fresh and used), compressed air, etc. is also be completely installed in our workshop before shipment, so that the plant will be ready for start-up when it arrives at location. 

Automatic paper filter

Kuipers fully automatic paper filter system consists of an automatic motor-driven belt which carries the filter paper during filtration. From the fryer, the highly concentrated dirt in oil is supplied on the filter deck, which forms an oil bath with the paper filter as its bottom. The frying oil passes through the filter, leaving fines and dust behind. As the layer of dirt builds up on the deck, the frying oil level rises. This triggers a level sensor which consequently starts the belt motor for a short time.

With a clean filter paper as the new basis, the oil can easily pass through thus decreasing its level. A catching tray for the clean oil that passes through collects the oil which is then transported back to the fryer, by either gravity or a pump.

Processing control panel

The complete process in all the Kuipers plants are controlled by the means of a PLC computer program in a centralized control panel near the fryer. Each processing section has its own control board, connected to the central board above. The used system is Siemens S5.

This centralized control panel is embed into a computer program and continuously communicates with the other control boards. It checks and controls all process parameters. If required it will raise the alarm and stop those parts of the process which are not well functioning. The boards in all the sections have the necessary connectors, magnetic switches, lamps and complete wiring to the items in the plant.
As a result of our pre-assembled, turnkey supply principle, all connecting electric wiring between the control board and the motors, valves, sensors and control systems in the plant are included in the delivery – pre-installed and pre-tested in our workshop before delivery. All control boards will be made of stainless steel and will be installed in the main support bars of the plant or each section. This system also allows us to provide advice and make the necessary adjustments from a distance.

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